Arch Systems is pursuing Department of Defense procurement opportunities. Our skills and expertise meet the current procurement needs of the DoD. Our cost-effective pricing and innovative technologies and solutions are aligned towards providing the best value to the government. We are a current Seaport-e subcontractor with the Hillmer, Inc. Team. As a small business, we have acquired and meet the FAR requirements for DoD contracts. Additionally, we are an 8(a) Woman Owned Small Business with 7 years outstanding in the SBA program. Our business model is scalable and ready for diversification.Please read our capabilities for potential Department opportunities at (IT Planning, Agile, Software Development, Data Analytics, E&O, Testing & QA, IT Help DeskTechinical Assistance & Training, Clinical Expertise).

Our Solutions are cost-effective... WHY?

Arch Systems strives to provide efficient, quality and cost-effective solutions. For this purpose, our management believes in building a culture that promotes adoption of methodologies and technologies that save money yet provide high quality results. Additionally, Arch continually trains our professionals to realize, conceive and develop cost-saving solutions. Arch has successfully established a business culture and technologies that save money as follows:

Business Culture
  • Careful planning before project inception helps to design lasting solutions
  • Promoting the use of Agile/Lean methodologies in all areas of the project lifecycle
  • Documenting lessons learned throughout the project lifecycle starting from the planning stages of the project
  • Applying lessons learned across projects so that the same mistakes are not repeated
  • Treating every project as part of the organization and not as a separate entity
  • Performing rigorous quality assurance and testing techniques
  • Gathering feedback from stakeholders to continuously improve performance
  • Promoting collaboration and sharing among team members including government officials
  • Provides vetted , error-free, reusable solutions
  • Shortens the systems development lifecycle, making it efficient and hence cost-effective
  • Reduces redundant processes
  • Builds accountability
  • Builds repeatable solutions

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