Arch Systems is an established, woman-owned small business, high growth IT Solutions and Services Company serving many of the major US Government agencies. At Arch, our professionals passionately conceive, analyze, develop and implement optimal solutions for your most challenging business and technology needs.

Arch has served the Federal Government in over 18 projects providing support in all phases of the Systems Development Life Cycle. Arch has a commitment towards quality and cost-effective solutions and services with a focus on interests in innovative technologies. This commitment and innovative approach is a culture that is bred in the organization, and our hard working staff takes pride in delivering high quality, innovations and methodologies to our customers.


● A Drive to understand your business
● Customize and Automate Solutions
● Enhance Creativity
● Continuous Improvement
● Industry’s best practices


● CMMI Level3 Compliance Services
● ISO-9001 Services

Arch’s experience in enterprise architecture (EA) has brought about many business process improvements. The business process models developed by Arch at the Department of Health & Human Services, Centers for Medicare, and Medicaid Services (CMS) are used to identify key business stakeholders, business risks, security risks, high level business requirements, data exchanges, technical concept of operations, and cost estimates. Arch consultants have formed partnerships with internal organizations to facilitate the use of EA work products for business decision making to avoid redundant investments.
Arch Systems prides itself on collaborating with its clients to deliver enduring solutions encompassing the entire System Development Life Cycle (SDLC). At Arch, our vision is to be the best company possible — in the eyes of our clients and partners. Arch’s expectations demand that we offer our clients the best by making our values a priority and producing solutions that are both innovative and beneficial.

Civilian Agencies

Arch has a successful track record of supporting federal civilian agencies as they tackle the most complex challenges facing our country. Arch focuses on improving information sharing, data quality, and advanced analytics based on AI. We help agency leaders focus efforts and resources to effectively combat real-world problems. Our successful work at CMS, SAMSHA and the Department of Education is distinguished by Arch’s commitment to the agency mission first. We take pride in supporting the dedicated federal workers delivering services to the American people.



The Yellow Ribbon Program is a Department of Defense mandated initiative designed to provide information, services, referrals, and proactive outreach programs to Army Reserve Soldiers and their families through all phases of the deployment cycle in accordance with DoD Directive 5124.02, DoD Instruction 1342.28, and Operation Order (OPORD) 16-004. The overall objective of the program is to prepare and sustain Soldiers and their families before and during their mobilization.


Healthcare IT

With over a decade of experience delivering 100% of all projects to completion for CMS, Arch brings SMEs to Business Analytics, Healthcare Measures/Performance, Health Applications, Case Management, Work Flow, and Cloud-Centric Applications.
Supported by a fully developed PMO, Arch is well positioned to continue it’s 100% delivery record regardless of the desired program management methodology.
Our Clinical Enterprise Team meaningfully connects the physician to the technology and data to genuinely reduce doctor burden, improve the measurement of quality and help transform the Fee-for-Service model of healthcare delivery. An example of Arch’s dedication to the healthcare transformation now underway is our quality measure predictive methodology, capable of providing practitioners real time data validation of quality measure reporting metrics.


State & Local

Arch’s expertise in big data, analytics, AI, and visualization of data gives us the ability to develop solutions for state and local agencies looking to improve and reduce the cost of governing. Often working at the school district and country-level, Arch brings leading-edge federal and private sector solutions to schools, cities and institutions of higher learning.
As a federally designated HUBzone business located in Baltimore City, Arch is committed to the community and its people, helping to ensure the safety, security, and well-being of citizens. Arch is a designated Master Contractor for Maryland’s Office of Information Technology, received Top 100 Minority Business Enterprise Award and has been recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in Baltimore for the last three years.



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Appreciation for Arch Services & Personnel

  • "Knowledgeable and easy to work with…“Very nice and congratulations. As a qualified registry and 2 qcdrs, we are thankful that your firm was chosen to intermediate when questions arise with CMS. Your team is knowledgeable and easy to work with.”
  • Lou Galterio
    Sun Coast RHIO Founder
  • (Owner, C Vision,Inc.)
  • "Arch is a place where magic literally happens…
    "...It’s now been several months that we’ve been working together, and every time we step into Arch headquarters, the atmosphere is the same: people are excited about the work they get to do and they love following Vini, a woman who not only sees hard work, but appreciates it and takes the time to thank her people, her team, for joining her on a software engineering adventure.
    It’s a rare company that can turn routine daily activities into something to be tackled, something to wrestle with, something to overcome. Arch is a place where magic literally happens, and we’re excited to watch them grow.”
  • Natalie Daché, CMMI Consultant
    Common Sense Solutions