Overview of iHCD

● Design with users, not for them.” - US Digital Service.
● Provides a comprehensive view of all the projects across an enterprise.
● Follows 18F recommended methods also provides the ability to customize the needs of your specific agency.
● Provides standardization across an agency so the data can be leveraged for different efforts and any time.
● Compliments your HCD training efforts by providing instructional text every step of the way.

A novel, patent protected digital Human Centered Design (HCD) ecosystem where the “I” stands not only for intelligent and integrated, but also for every person in a design thinking and development environment. iHCD is an innovative, secure, and always available cloud-based platform designed with you and your organization using government USDS practices and GSA 18F design methods. With iHCD your teams will discover, decide, make, and validate exceptional solutions for your users and stakeholders.

Problem Statement

● Agencies do not have a comprehensive look into their Human Centered Design (HCD) practice or have access to all the data related to user experience, preferences, usability, or other design-thinking aspects of projects across an enterprise.
● Lack of an integrated HCD data warehouse, data insights, or data analytics for future re-use or improved  performance across enterprise systems.
● While there are disparate HCD tools in the market, they do not exist in one integrated platform.
● HCD process varies from project to project based on the type of HCD being undertaken by the system owners at an enterprise/agency.
● Lack of standardization of the HCD business process leads to dissimilar results at the same organizations. Some more successful than others.
● Lack of standardized HCD training across an enterprise.

For more about Product iHCD or to register as a beta user,
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